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Facebook Chat Emotion

Facebook Chat Emotion
Many people might be well-known ,but me still not to knowม
I just to know only the heart sign to type like this “<3”
because, someone like to gave me.
I think who relly know, right ? HA HA

Facebook Smile Emoticon
🙂 or 🙂 or :] or =)
Facebook Frown Emoticon
🙁 or 🙁 or :[ or =(
Facebook Tongue Emoticon
😛 or 😛 or :-por :p or =P
Facebook Grin Emoticon
😀 or 😀 or =D
Facebook Gasp Emoticon
:-O or :O or 😮or 😮

Facebook Wink Emoticon
😉 or 😉
Facebook Glasses Emoticon
😎 or 8) or B-) orB)
Facebook Sunglasses Emoticon
8-| or 8| or B-| orB|
Facebook Grumpy Emoticon
>:( or >:-(
Facebook Unsure Emoticon
:/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\

Facebook Cry Emoticon
Facebook Devil Emoticon
3:) or 3:-)
Facebook Angel Emoticon
O:) or O:-)
Facebook Kiss Emoticon
:-* or :*
Facebook Heart Emoticon
Facebook Kiki Emoticon
Facebook Squint Emoticon
Facebook Confused Emoticon
o.O or O.o
Facebook Upset Emoticon
>:O or >:-O or>:o or >:-o
Facebook Pacman Emoticon
Facebook Robot Emoticon
Facebook Chris Putnam Emoticon
Facebook Shark Emoticon
Facebook Penguin Emoticon
< (“)

Really thank : Credit Facebook User : Fillechin Jumpzone
New Friend 😛 and

Let’s Funny with Facebook with me
often up to date PICTURE 😛

See ya all,

The End
For Question and Answer
Please click for send email to Erk-Erk

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